1112 Game for iPhone – Episode 2 Walkthrough

For my walkthrough for Episode 1 I keep getting a lot of hits.

I was actually working on a walkthrough for Episode 2, when I found this complete walkthrough by Flakessp – I think I won’t need to write another one.

Here are a few general hints:

  • the scenes and possible interaction will change in the course of the game – you will find objects later on that weren’t there in the beginning
  • always click on green words and use them as conversation topics
  • you can die – that means the game can be over, that is, however, not a reason to worry: you can go back to the scene right before your death and try again
  • generally: everything that can be done once can be done again, so again: no reason to worry

I will gladly answer questions posted in comments.

For regular readers of my blog: 1112 is a unique adventure game for the iPhone. It so far consists of two Episodes, i.e. parts. More information can be found on TouchArcade.

29 Kommentare zu “1112 Game for iPhone – Episode 2 Walkthrough

    • You need to tap on the items in the inventory and pull them towards the bottom right corner of the screen – you will then leave the inventory with the item (e.g. the credit card).
      This is explained in the tutorial of the game, btw.

  1. I vant find the torch, which I understand that I need In order to find the gloves(?). Have looked In bathroom In room 1112 without success.

    • No, you do not. You find the gloves in the room of the crazy man – the torch will be in room 1112 a little later (once you have solved two of the Sudokus, I think).

    • I think you need to talk to the hot dog vendor outside the hotel first – after that you know what to talk to Conchita about.

  2. where is the underground??? if thats the subway, then it tells me, „the metro? where to? first i need to know what i am doing here… “ and ive done everything i think., hellp!!

  3. I can’t find a forum for episode 1 so my question is where can I find an actual pack of cigarettes can anyone help me here?

      • I’have the game on Ipad and I’m stuck on sudoku! I’m neither able to solve it nor I have somebody around that is able to do solve it, does this mean that i’ll have to discard the game in the nearest waste-basket? ( together with the money I’ve spent)??
        Thank you!

  4. Thanks for all the tutorials on episode 1 and 2.
    I’m stuck on episode one though. Can you help me?
    I’ve taken a photo of felicity butt and used the iclone with Todd from the bar, but I keep getting the answer „sexy but not sexy enough“ and then he doesn’t give the cigarettes.
    Thanks again.

  5. Please help. I can’t get the ring. I have talked to Hotdog vendor and Conchita about everything. The jeweller tells me that I just need to give him the reference number. I can see the display with the rings and their reference numbers but I cannot get the jeweller to let me tell him a number. In the walkthrough it says that it is the emerald ring and there is only one emerald ring on the desk – but a) there are two and b) I have not found anything in what the characters tell me to suggest that the emerald one is the right one – I am guessing that is my problem – I have failed to trigger something somewhere???

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