1112 The Game for iPhone – Walkthrough Episode 1

The iPod offers new possibilities for computer games – and one of the nicest efforts to use the possiblities of the device is the epsiode adventure-style game »1112« by Agharta Studios. Don’t read any further if you want to avoid spoilers. Spoilers ahead. Watch out: spoilers!
Looking for answers on the board/forum is inconvinient (since some of them are in French). I have written a basic walkthrough for the first episode.
I will enumerate the steps, indicating first the location and afterwards the actions.

  1. Basic control.
    [Bedroom] Tap on Anna, select »talk to«. Click through all available option (always do that, most of the hints are learned throuth talking to people). Whenever a word appears in green, tap on that word and in will go into a list. It can later be chosen from that list and will give you more topics for discussion. (I will not go into the particular conversations and from now on assume you will follow them closely.)
  2. Turning of the alarm clock.
    [Bedroom] Tap on the stop button. Then shake your iPod.
  3. Getting the medication.
    [Bedroom] Open the door.
    [Corridor] Open the door to the left.
    [Bathroom] »Open« tap. »Admire« mirror. You’ll see the safe code in the mirror: 20 30 <-. (Basic Control: You can get into a map mode by tapping on the second button from the top and double-tap any room you want to go to. )
    [Bedroom] »Move« painting (center piece). »Open« safe.
    [Safe] Turn the dial with two fingers. Go from 0 straight to 20 (the way you count or counterclockwise), the other way to 80, the other way to 30.
    [Bedroom] »Pick up« medication.
    [Inventory] (top button on the right) Use maginfier (second button from the top) to watch the medication more closely. Turn it so you can see the pills, tap and »swallow«.
  4. Turning on the boiler.
    [Bathroom] »Talk« to Anna.
    Open all available doors, you will be able to reach all the rooms mentioned below.
    [Kitchen] »Open« cupboard above fridge. »Take« notice (maybe you need to »search« documents first, not sure).
    [Inventory] Magnify notice. Now you can pinch-zoom (like you do in safari on your iPhone) the notice and magnifiy it. You will be able to read »42°« on the front and the settings of four switches on the back (left, right, left, left).
    [Restroom] »Take« matches on the right. »Check« boiler.
    [Boiler] Left dial (black) on 4, right dial (white) on 2, switches left (0), right (I), left (0), left (0). Tap on light, it will be green.
    [Inventory] »Grab« matches (thrid button from the top). »Use with« boiler.
  5. The Goodman-File.
    [Hall] »Pick up« wallet. »Pick up« phone. Talk to Felicity. Leave the house.
    [Garden] »Open« mailbox. »Pick up« envelope.
    [Inventory] Magnify envelope, turn it around. »Open« envelope.
    (Basic Control: You can use your telephone (iClone) by holding your iPhone vertically (there is no need to go into the inventory, in the regular [Garden] this will work. You can call people by clicking on the address book and you can take pictures by clicking on the camera.)
    [iClone] Call Felicity.
    [Corridor] »Switch on« computer. »Use« computer.
    [Computer] »Tap« on the email-Icon. Pinch-zoom. Tap on the email with the red exclamation mark. Drag-drop all the photos on the printer icon (bottom left of desktop).
    [Corridor] 4x: »Pick up picture« on the printer.
    [Inventory] Drag-drop all four pictures into the Goodman-File.
    [iClone] Call Felicity.
  6. Anna’s car key and phone.
    [Garden] »Talk to« Anna.
    [Bathroom] »Check« towel.
    [Towel] Tap on phone. »Take«.
    [Garden] Use phone with Anna (pick it up from inventory). »Enter« car.
  7. Felicity’s medication.
    [City Center] Answer iClone. Talk to stranger.
    [Pharmacy] »Talk to« Don. Option »Dritilla 50MG« and »Customer« (from the list) are needed to advance.
    [City Center] »Talk to« Stranger, »Dritilla«
    [Bar] »Talk to« Todd, »cigarettes«.
    — A remark: Here the hints are really basic, if you explore are conversation topics you will much better understand how do discover hints inside the game! —
    (Basic Control: When you talk to someone, you can use the keyboard to enter keywords.)
    [Bar] »Talk to« Todd, type in »Felicity«.
    [Antiques shop] »Push« Knickknack on the right of Felicity.
    [iClone] Take picture.
    [Bar] »Use iClone with« Todd.
    [City Center] »Use cigrettes with« stranger.
    [Antiques Shop] »Use Dritilla with« Felicity.
  8. Coffee for Mr. Goodman.
    [Bar] »Talk to« Todd, »coffee«, »change« (from list), »another photo« (from list), »Anna« (from list)
    [Bar] chose any option on Tood.
    [Antiques Shop] »Use Coffees with« Felicity.
  9. Painting for Goodman and Account Book for Anna.
    [Office] »Use File with« Goodman.
    [Office] »Talk to« Goodman, »file«, »painting« (from list).
    [Grocery] »Talk to« Anna, »painting«.
    [City center] Answert call from Anna.
    [Office] »Take« keys (above the fan).
    [City Center] »Use (car) keys with« car.
    [Lounge] »Use small key with« cabinet (under painting).
    [Lounge] »Take« book (in cabinet).
    [Corridor] Pinch-zoom in order to get a better view of the painting.
    [iClone] Take picture.
    [Garden] »Use (car) keys with« car.
    [Grocery] »Use account book with« Anna.
    [Office] »Use iClone with« Goodman.
  10. Hotel Room.
    [Hotel Room] »Think« view.

This is the end of Episode 1. I just re-played it for the walkthrough and found it very short – when I played it without a walkthrough or with just some hints I found it rather long. If you enjoy an adventure and the possibilites of your iPod: this is the game for you.

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    • Im linken Schränkchen im Wohnzimmer, Du brauchst vorher aber noch den Schlüssel aus dem Büro (wo Mr. Goodman sitzt).

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